Crypto Scams in 2022

ScamUnfortunately scams are common in all areas of life, especially in crypto and go on all the time. The scams below are ones we’ve been alerted to personally, usually by people contacting us who have been the victims of them.

Important: Almost all of the time the victims of crypto scams are uninformed and uneducated about crypto. If you’ve got crypto the best thing you can do to protect yourself against scammers is the learn about crypto and how it works. You need to protect your investments by learning about them, this in turn protects you from being scammed.

January 2022: 79,833 Dogecoin stolen by an online ‘help’ site when the customer inadvertently entered their recovery seed words online. Read more:

February 2022: £4,600 conned from an investor after a ‘friend’ told him a new altcoin called Sheep Swap was going to be the next big thing and he really needed to invest in it. The coin had already gone to zero, see

February 2022: Almost $30,000 USD conned out of a UK investor who believed they were buying Tether. What they were really buying was a worthless imposter coin disguised as Tether. Read more:

February 2022: £80,000 scammed from a UK investor in a double scam by FXCT Investments and Coinalrec. See

March 2022: 2 for 1 Bitcoin giveaway. Read more:

April 2022: UK investor loses her £60,000 pension to scammers. Here’s what a typical crypto scam looks like:

April 2022: Investor loses almost $1,000,000 through an online dating scam:

May 2022: Fortunately this scam was detected by a vigilant email recipient. This is another scam where the scammers are trying to pass themselves off as belonging the company Blockchain Access: