The following enquiry was received by us 11th April 2022.

Hi Just reaching out to get some help with my situation that I am in.
Don’t know whether you guys specialise in this? Or know any legitimate company that would be able to help me?

Unsure if this is what you guys specialise in if not do you have any recommendations trusted companies that work this field.

I met a lady online dating ( Evelyn living in the US (Malaysian dedecendant
Started chating 30/12/2021 on messenger, Facebook and WhatsApp ( +60[redacted] ) still have full history of chat that we built a relationship, Evelyn showed me and taught me how to use the platform (hyper pay)
and how to set up difi intelligent crypto mining through Dapp, we exchanged QR codes on a few occasions. Unknown to me her intent was not in the best interest for me so when i clicked on the app (without knowing that had given her access to my wallet) Evelyn ended up transferring everything i had into her wallet. the total amount taken was
$306,808.71 USDT (24/JAN/2022)
$329,692,19 USDT ( 25/JAN/2022)
$185,00 USDT ( 18/FEB/2022)

The Second lady I met ( Kaylene ) on we started chatting around 15 Feb 2022 on WhatsApp
(+1[redacted]) started doing crypto mining with help of Kaylene thinking it was safe to do so as I knew not to share any info or codes/QR i had set it all up myself and i thought i was safe but unknown to me at the time they had already got access to my account and wallet on Coinbase
total amount taken
$355,746 USDT 02/MARCH/2022)

All money has come from my Westpac account to both platforms through easy crypto into the platform

I have let the following law enforcement agency know

Total USDT $ 992,246

Tony [redacted]
new Plymouth
new Zealand