Here’s an enquiry we received from a French client who has been scammed by and

The original enquiry was written in French. There is a translation below:

On est un groupe d’amis arnaqué par un site qui soit disant fait le minage de crypto
Ces deux site nous ont volé a peut pré 30.000 usd a nous et on a les adresses et toutes les preuves de transferts vers eux
monsieur si vous avais une idée ou une proposition ou même un conseil a nous donner nous seront ravis car ils nous ont ruinés
C’est vrais qu’on partie on est responsable de cette situation et on est concion de ca mais on s’attendait pas a cette arnaque
Je vient ver vous pour nous aidé ou au moins nous conseiller sil y a une possibilité de récupéré au moins une partie de notre argent
J’attend une réponse favorable de votre part
Merci d’avance

Translation into English: These two sites stole us from us and we have the addresses and all the proof of transfers to them Sir if you had an idea or a proposal or even advice to give us will be delighted because they ruined us It is true that we leave we are responsible for this situation and we are concion of this but we did not expect this scam I come to you to help us or at least advise us if there is a possibility of recovering at least part of our money I await a favourable response from you Thanks in advance scamCobominer and USDT3 claim to be cloud mining service providers. Basically you create an account with them and use their cloud services to mine cryptocurrency. For this you pay them a fee… So, either they just take your money or they do actually mine but then take your crypto…

The client’s crypto was apparently sent to an ETH wallet address. As the client didn’t not control this wallet there is nothing that us or anyone else can do to recover their crypto.

Remember: (1) It’s essential that only you own and control your crypto wallets – remember the phrase: “Not you keys, not your coins”, and (2) Blockchain transactions are irreversible, so if the blockchain tells you that the transaction has completed, there is no way to reverse it.