Recovering Crypto from Wallet Browser Extensions

Lost Wallet Access in Browser Extensions

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Many wallets now use browser extensions that enable you to trade cryptocurrency directly from your browser. Example browsers we can recover from include Chrome, Brave, and Firefox. If for some reason you’re having problems with your browser and have lost access to your wallet it may still be possible to recover the encrypted vault data and recover the seed words. It’s then possible to restore the wallet and access the cryptocurrency. For this extraction method to work its necessary to have the correct wallet password. It’s also a good idea for you not to mess around deleting and re-installing the extension as it only complicates matters and can make data that was once recoverable, unrecoverable.

The most popular wallets that use browser extensions are Metamask, the Binance wallet and the Ronin wallet. It most cases the recovery steps are the same and you can use this link to determine the likelyhood of a successful vault extraction and seed recovery for most wallet types:

If you choose to use our services we’ll need to remotely access your computer and download the vault data, or we can tell you how to do this yourself but it does require a degree of technical ability. Once we’ve got this data we’ll extract the necessary information from the vault’s browser extension and then we are often able to extract the seed words that enable the rediscovered wallet to be imported and the cryptocurrency restored.

Recent Wallet Recoveries from Browser Extensions

Our recovery work is completed contractually and under non-disclosure. This guarantees the safety of your crypto and gives you confidence that we’re not going to disappear with your coins. Our recovery fee is a percentage of the wallet, and the percentage depends on the value of the wallet. Contact us for more details.