Ethereum logoWe’ve just completed the recovery of almost £30,000 ETH from a Metamask wallet where access had been lost through the Chrome Browser Extension.

Despite the user becoming anxious and reinstalling the Metamask Chrome browser extension, we were fortunately still able to extract the vault data and recover the seed words that enabled the wallet to be re-imported and the ETH accessed once more.

We receive a lot of enquiries about crypto recovery from browser extensions, particularly from users of the Metamask and Binance Chain wallets (which are two of the more popular wallets after all). Our advice is yes, it’s often possible to recover the wallet and its contents, but please don’t start deleting and reinstalling the extension and the files yourself as it’ll make matter worse and unfortunately can lead to the wallet not being recoverable. Instead please get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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