Engaging our Services

The process is documented in a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that is drawn up between ourselves and you.

Each SLA is unique and tailored to the recovery situation.

When you contact us we will ask you a number of questions in order for us to understand the problem and to devise the best way to recover your cryptocurrency. We will also discuss time frames and our costs. We will then draft an SLA for you to approve and sign.

Our SLA is exclusive which means that if you engage our services, we are the only people who will be working to recover your crypto during the duration of our engagement.

Yes we do.

As part of our Service Level Agreement (SLA), we will create a Non Disclosure Agreement that guarantees the confidentiality of your data and the whole interaction between us.

Typically, we charge a % of the wallet contents + any hardware repair costs if applicable.

Initially we will work on a no recovery no fee basis that means if we don’t recover your cryptocurrency then you don’t pay us anything. For work that is going to take a significant amount of time we will ask for a small payment to cover our expenses. Where broken devices are involved we will quote you an additional recovery price that you will need to be pay in advance in order to get your broken hardware working again before we can begin to work on recovering your wallet.

You can pay us in a variety of different and established cryptocurrencies. Once we gain access to your wallet we will deduct our fee (usually in the same cryptocurrency) before forwarding the balance on to you.

Use the contact form on the site at: Click here

Or use the WhatsApp icon towards the bottom right of the screen.

We try to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.

We are not scammers.

Once you know what to look for, scammers are easy to spot:

  1. They will always ask for money in advance
    Because scammers are just interested in taking your money and not interested in helping you, they will always ask for payment for their services in advance. This may be disguised as a ‘consultancy fee’ or a ‘tax payment’ or a fee to ‘buy some specialist software’. It’s all fake. If you are communicating with people who are asking for payment in advance then they are scamming you. Stop communicating with them immediately and don’t pay them anything.
  2. Their email addresses will be wrong
    Scammers may give the impression of being from a well known crypto company, but if you look carefully at their emails the email address will be wrong – it won’t be from the real company at all. For example, a genuine email from the company Blockchain.com will end in @blockchain.com. Scammers are unable to use the blockchain.com domain and instead have to create something else that sounds plausible but is unrelated to the company they are pretending they are from eg. @blockchain-recoveries.com

Our Rules

  1. We ask for NO upfront fees, you will only pay us if we are successful in recovering your crypto.
  2. All emails from us will only come from recovermycryptowallet@protonmail.com

Wallet Specific

We support

  • Ledger Nano SLedger Nano S
  • Ledger Nano X
  • Trezor One
  • Trezor Model T
  • KeepKey

…and we are always adding more.

Maybe you have a physical fault on the device – broken screen, faulty buttons etc? – We can recover the you wallet from these types of problem.

Maybe you’ve lost your passcode or seed phrase to your hardware wallet ? – Despite what many YouTube videos will tell you about these devices being 100% secure, they are not. For example, the Trezor products are built around an unsecure chip that can be hacked to obtain the seed phrase and the passcode.

Yes we can. We regularly recover funds from MultiBit Classic and HD wallets, Electrum version 1 and 2 wallets and old blockchain.com wallets amongst others.

Yes we can. Wallets like Metamask and the Binance Chain Wallet are often used with Chrome and Chrome based (eg. Brave) browser extensions. We have a lot of success in recovering wallets from these. Go here: https://recovermycryptowallet.com/lost-wallet-access-in-browser-extension/

Yes we can. With over 20 years data recover experience we can recovery data from almost any type of hard drive or phone problem.

Typical phone and hard drive faults include:

Hard Drives

  • Hard DriveElectronic Faults: Hard drives with electronic problems are usually dead and show no signs of life. The drive will not spin up and the computer’s BIOS will not be able to detect the hard drive either.
  • Mechanical Faults: Hard drives with mechanical faults will often make a repetitive clicking or beeping sound when they are powered up and not be recognised by the host system.
  • Bad Media: This is where areas of the hard drive degrade magnetically so that areas of it can no longer be read. Typical symptoms include systems running very slowly, and files / folders not opening.
  • Firmware Faults: Firmware is the programming that controls the hard drive. Firmware can be buggy and cause loss of access to the drive until the firmware is reprogrammed.


  • Broken PhoneUnresponsive Phone: Usually an electronic issue, commonly occurs when the phone has got wet.
  • Bootlooping or Bricked Phone: Maybe the phone has become too full and run out of memory (very common iPhones), or a failed or incomplete software update has been run on the phone.
  • Smashed Phone: Everything from a broken screen to the phone begin run over by a vehicle. As long as the essential components are still intact, we can rebuild the phone.
  • Factory Resets: Usually it’s not possible to recover anything from a factory reset phone.
  • Disabled Phone: Usually it’s not possible to gain access to a disabled phone.

Over 99% of cryptocurrency wallets are stored on mobile phones, usually in the form of an App, eg. Metamask or Exodus etc. and yes, we can usually recover the wallet data.

BitlockerBitlocker is a hard drive encryption tool created by Microsoft for use on their Windows Operating System. To access a hard drive encrypted with Bitlocker it is necessary to know the passcode that unlocks access to the drive. Without this all the data on the drive is encrypted and effectively useless.

In late 2021 we developed a technique of decrypting Bitlocker encrypted hard drives thus gaining access to the unencrypted data. If you have a wallet.dat file or similar on a hard drive locked with Bitlocker please get in touch as we may well be able to bypass the Bitlocker encryption.

General Questions

Unfortunately there are a lot of scams in the crypto space, we’ve documented the ones people have contacted us about on our main crypto scam page here.

There are 2 very popular scams currently in 2022:

1. The Free Crypto Scam
These are often found on YouTube – a live broadcast featuring a well known person where the site is giving away free crypto – often Bitcoin or Ethereum. All you need to do is send them some crypto and they will match what you send and send it back to you.
Except they won’t.
Just ask yourself, why would anyone giveaway free Bitcoin ??
Read more about this scam here: https://recovermycryptowallet.com/march-2022-scam-alert/

2. The Lost Bitcoin Scam
You are contacted out of the blue by a company who have tracked down some Bitcoin that you bought years ago!, and now it’s worth £thousands!, but it’s currently in a ‘dormant’ state and they need to reactivate it on the blockchain. Once they’ve done that they’ll be able to return your Bitcoin to you!
Except they won’t.
They’ll ask you to pay a reactivation fee, then some taxes will need to be paid, then they’ll be another charge, then another charge etc.
There never was any Bitcoin of course, and you’re just giving away your money for non-existent Bitcoin.
Read two examples of this scam in action: example 1 and example 2.

How to detect a crypto scam
The best defence against scammers is to educate yourself about crypto. Read the examples I’ve documented above where I show you how to identify the scams.

Financial scamThe calls are from scammers.

Most probably your email details have been posted to the dark web as the result of a hack of a crypto related web site. The scammers know there’s a high probability that you have crypto, but they know virtually nothing else about you. So they take a gamble… They contact you saying that they can see you’ve got some Bitcoin (or ETH etc) that appears to be stuck in a wallet and they can help you release it if you pay them £x.

Don’t pay them. They are trying to hook you into believing you have a large amount of money with your name on it just waiting to be claimed. Don’t fall for it. Everything you pay them will disappear and you will never get the crypto. Just block them and move on.

No it’s not possible.

To access your wallet we need your private key. It’s not possible to discover the private key from a wallet address.

No it’s not. Private keys are responsible for generating wallet addresses but due to the complex mathematics involved it’s not possible to work backwards and determine a private key from a wallet address.

No, for the same reason that it’s not possible to recover a private key from a wallet address, it’s also not possible to recover a private key from a public key. (See the previous question)

Question: I sent crypto through the wrong network. Is there anything you can do to help me? It says that the transaction was completed. Just to give you a little background, I wasn’t paying attention and I sent usdc from my defi wallet to my coinbase wallet. I sent the tokens via crc20. Coinbase only uses erc20. I talked with both tech supports and provided a hash id, they both said there was nothing they could do.

Answer: Tech support are correct, once a transaction is confirmed on the blockchain it’s final and there’s nothing we or anyone else can do to reverse it. However, if the transaction remains pending or awaiting confirmation then we may be able to help, but before you contact us, please contact the technical support of the site’s involved, they should be able to reverse it for you.

There are usually three reasons for this:

  1. There is very high activity on the blockchain and it’s taking a while for the transactions to be processed
  2. You didn’t specify a high enough transaction fee.
  3. You’ve used an incorrect / incompatible wallet address

For reasons 1 & 2 see: https://recovermycryptowallet.com/mempool-blockchain-transactions-awaiting-processing/
For reason 3 please contact us.


If you’ve obtained a wallet.dat file through a forum or a site like wallet-dat.com then there’s a very high probability that it’s a fake wallet.

I’m not interested in helping you to recover these, so please don’t pretend it’s your own wallet and ask me to help.

If you lost your wallet or phone or hard drive years ago then there’s nothing we can do to recover your crypto as there’s nothing for us to work on, unless you made a backup of the wallet somewhere.

Since the adoption of recovery seed phrases it’s possible to recover lost wallets that were created with seed phrases. As long as you still have your seed phrase you’ll be able to recreate your wallet.

Yes. It’s common for people to…

a) Store their passwords and other sensitive data in a file like a spreadsheet or document file and then encrypt the file for safety, only to later discover that they’ve lost the password to unlock the file.

b) Put their important data altogether into an encrypted archive such as a .zip file or similar and then lose the password to unlock the archive.

We are able to crack most passwords related to this type of issue, including passwords from .zip, .7z, .rar, .xls, .doc files and many more.

This also includes cracking encrypted hard drives.

Please contact us for further information.

Not usually no.

But it’s always worth investigating the frequently changing crypto regulations of the tax jurisdiction you’re in.

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