Broken Phones and Hard Drives

Data Clinic Ltd logoRecovering the data from damaged hardware such as broken phones, hard drives and memory sticks is a specialist skill that requires years of knowledge and expertise to be able to do successfully. Perhaps your phone got wet and no longer turns on or perhaps it’s stuck in a boot loop, or maybe your hard drive has an internal mechanical fault and is not ticking and not recognised? These serious hardware problems are ideally handled by a specialist data recovery company and we are partnered with Data Clinic Ltd, one of the UK’s best known data recovery companies who have been recovering data from damaged mobile phones and hard drives for over 20 years.

Faulty Phones

smashed iphoneWe recover wallets from

  • Smashed phones
  • Water damaged phones
  • Phones that are stuck in a boot loop
  • Phones that do not hold a charge or have a broken screen but are otherwise working

Using the services of our technology partner Data Clinic Ltd we can retrieve the data from almost any type of mobile phone. Please contact us for further details.

Finally if your phone has a broken screen or won’t hold a charge but is otherwise working you may be able to get it repaired locally. Be careful though because we’ve heard of many instances where high street shops will factory reset the phone as part of their repair process.

Disabled and Factory Reset Phones: On modern phones (anything from 2014 onwards) it’s not possible to recovery any data after a factory reset. Similarly it’s not possible to get into a disabled phone. So if your crypto wallet was on your phone which has now been factory reset, the data is gone and not retrievable.

Broken and Inaccessible and Hard Drives

Hard drives can fail for all sorts of reasons and if your crypto wallet happens to be stored on a broken drive then the only way to recover the wallet is to first recover the data from the broken hard drive.

There are two main types of hard drive – HDD and SSD. HDD’s are the most common and have moving parts, SSD’s are solid state devices that are found on newer computer systems. Both types of hard drive fail and typical problems include:

  • The hard drive is completely dead and is not getting power
  • The hard drive is no longer being recognised by the computer
  • The hard drive is making a ticking or beeping sound when powered up
  • The hard drive is running very slowly and file access is intermittent

Hard drive failure can happen for a variety of reasons, sometimes hard drives can be knocked, have the wrong power supply attached to them, develop chronic bad sectors or just become slower and eventually die through old age. Through our partners Data Clinic Ltd we recover the data from your broken hard drive and then make a start on reconstructing and recovering the data from your wallet.

Deleted Wallets

Sometimes there may not be anything wrong with your hard drive or phone, and you may have deleted your wallet by accident. If this is the case it may still be possible for us to retrieve the wallet. Take a look at our page about recovering deleted crypto wallets.