Live Blockchain Mempool Status

Pending or Unconfirmed Transaction ? – Check the live Blockchain mempool status

This is a very handy page that can be used to examine the memory pools (‘mempools’) of the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Dash blockchains.

blockchainMempools contain unconfirmed transactions that have not yet been written to the blockchain. During periods of high blockchain activity the mempool will grow resulting in delayed confirmations. During the Terra Luna / Terra USD collapse of May 11th – 14th 2022, it took blockchains several days to process transactions as holders rushed to convert their Terra into Bitcoin. Use the toggles below to view the BTC blockchain during this period and you’ll notice a huge spike in the number of transactions.

Another reason a blockchain transaction may be stuck as pending or unconfirmed is that the exchange you used didn’t pay a high enough miner’s fee for the transaction to go through. If this is the case with your transaction you can often ‘bump’ the fee up or cancel the transaction and do it again by paying a higher miner’s fee.