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Slobodan Medojevic
Slobodan Medojevic
Good,fast,excellent 👍
philippo nicolas
philippo nicolas
J'avais mon wallet Vechain qui était devenu inaccessible et "recover my crypto wallet" m'a aidé a retrouver mon portefeuille. La prise de contact à été très rapide . j'ai reçu les documents et les instructions dans la journée , c'est un site très sérieux. En deux jours mes cryptos étaient de nouveau accessibles . Merci beaucoup .
Promo Players
Promo Players
Chris is a legend. He helped me recover my lost crypto wallet in a matter of hours. Great communication, excellent service and someone to be trusted. Thanks x10000000
Dan Stacey
Dan Stacey
Funds recovered with minimal hassle. Great service. Many thanks
Bryn Foweather
Bryn Foweather
Superb experience and customer service. Chris was really helpful and recommend this service.
Haitam Agnao
Haitam Agnao
Chris the CEO is very helpful
tony hirst
tony hirst
Chris has given me some great info. qnd advice. thanks Chris. appreciate your time. hope you can help going forward to retrieve the funds
Myles Brown
Myles Brown
Chris the CEO worked closely with me to recover my ZNN crypto wallet which I had lost the passphrase to, it was brilliant I had the wallet back within a few weeks all my crypto was recovered. Very professional and great customer service would recommend.

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This site is for anyone who has lost access to their cryptocurrency.

We are a collection of data recovery specialists from the UK, US and Europe who pool our resources and focus on retrieving lost cryptocurrency from inaccessible wallets and hardware devices for clients worldwide.
We’ve recovered crypto for clients from the USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, Finland, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Ireland, Montenegro, and the list keeps growing….

Lost Bitcoins? Forgotten password? Incorrect seed words? Inaccessible equipment? Deleted accounts?

Our Cryptocurrency Recovery Services

Wallet Recovery Services

Recovering inaccessible cryptocurrency wallets and lost passwords


  • Deleted Wallets
  • DeFi Wallets eg. Metamask and Trust Wallet
  • BRD, Exodus and Hive Wallets
  • Unsupported wallets eg. MultiBit and MultiBit HD
  • Hardware wallets eg. Trezor and Nano
  • Bitcoin Wallet for Android and Blackberry
  • Electrum 1.x and 2.x wallets
  • BIP39 and BIP 44 wallets
  • Blockchain.info, Mycelium, Jaxx wallets

Seed Words and Passphrase Recovery

Restoration of lost seed words and reconstruction of passphrases

Recovery of private keys by the discovery of lost passphrases and missing seed words. 12/15/18/20/24 words. BIP39 and Shamir (SLIP) word lists.

Recover Funds Sent to the Wrong Address

eg. Tether sent to a TRC rather than ERC address or BCH sent to a BTC address etc

It’s often possible for us to recover funds that have been sent to the wrong type of address.

Inaccessible Hardware Wallets (Trezor, Nano)

Dead and bricked devices, broken buttons, smashed screens

Additionally we provide PIN, seed words and passphrase recovery from Trezor and Nano hardware devices

Old Hard Drives, Phones & Flash Memory

Inaccessible hard drives, old Android and iOS phones, memory cards and sticks

We have been recovering data from broken and inaccessible hard drives, phones and flash memory since 2002. If your device is broken we will quote you a recovery cost.

Help, Advice and Cryptocurrency Consultancy

Help and advice with wallets, transactions, exchanges, buying & selling etc

Cryptocurrency can be rather daunting, especially if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Get in touch with your question !

How It Works

1. Contact us using the form below or the WhatsApp button. Please provide as much information as possible about the type of wallet and coins it contains, also a description of what happened. We’ll discuss the problem with you so we understand it in detail before constructing a plan of how to recover your wallet. We’ll also provide you with our costs.

2. If you’d like to proceed we’ll set up a Non Disclosure Agreement and Service Level Agreement. You’ll need to agree to our terms and conditions before we start work to recover your wallet.

3. The work into recovering your wallet begins and we’ll provide you with an estimated timescale.

4. We’ll subtract our fee from the recovered coins and send you the remainder.

Please see our FAQ for further information. Also please see our updated list of crypto scams currently doing the rounds

I hope this will bring you much deserved clients so you can recover their bitcoin using your expertise and great service.”

NG - BTC Recovery from Dead Hard Drive

“When I realised, I thought over £6000 of USDT was gone for good. We are so grateful to you for rescuing it”

T & PM - USDT sent to a Wrong Address

“I did not even know your services existed. It is crazy what your company can do, thank you thank you”

Private Client - Dogecoin Recovery

“Please thank the team for me – you calmed me down and recovered my ETH after I thought it was lost forever.”

CR - Ledger Nano S

“Thank you for your hard work, I really appreciate that you have been able to get my BTC recovered”

Private Client - BTC from Unsupported Wallet

More About Our Services

Passphrases and Seed Word Recovery / Lost passwords

We can recover lost passphrases, missing seed words and forgotten passwords. The chances of us successfully getting access to your wallet increase greatly if you can remember any of the details about the forgotten or lost passphrase / seed words. Please contact us for further information.
Links: What are seed words?, Recovery of seed words, Recovering wallet passwords and passphrases

Deleted Wallet Recovery

Recovery of deleted wallets from Apps, phones and hard drives. Restoration of access to missing wallets and the recovery of wallet contents.
Links: What is a wallet?, Recovering deleted wallets

Browser Extensions – Lost Wallets

Seed words extraction from the vault data of lost and inaccessible wallets accessed via Chrome / Brave / Firefox Browser Extensions, including Metamask, Binance Chain Wallet and Ronin Wallets.
Links: Wallet recovery involving Browser Extensions

Damaged Equipment – Phones and Hard Drive Recovery

It may be the hardware that your wallet runs on that has the issue, not the wallet itself. Maybe your phone is damaged and will no longer power on, or maybe your hard drive has started to make a ticking sound and is no longer showing up on your computer? We are partnered with Data Clinic Ltd, the UK’s #1 data recovery company who specialise in recovering wallets from damaged hardware. We also have preferential rates with them. Please contact us for further details.

Link: Recovering crypto from broken phones and hard drives

Old and Unsupported Wallets – Crypto Recovery

Some software wallets were popular in the early days of Bitcoin but have since drifted into obscurity and are no longer supported. One of the first was MultiBit Classic wallet that relied on a password only, this was replaced by MultiBit HD which also introduced a seed phrase. Many early adopters of Bitcoin used wallets such as these on their computer hard drives.

Link: Accessing crypto in old and unsupported wallets

Help, Advice and Cryptocurrency Consultancy

It’s easy to quickly get out of your depth with cryptocurrency, especially if you wallet is worth £thousands… Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to cash out some of your wallet but you’re just not confident enough to be sure you know what you’re doing. Ask us.

Links: Help and Advice with cryptocurrency, Remember to check out our FAQ too.

Lost and Missing Transactions – Recovery of Missing Crypto

Lost and missing wallet transactions often involve DeFi Apps and are sometimes related to glitches or cross chain / App incompatibility. It’s important that you record as much as you can about the missing transaction and then contact us.

Transactions Sent to the Wrong Address – Recovery of Funds

Particularly common in DeFi transactions using wallets like Metamask and Trust Wallet, this is easily done and can sometimes be reversed depending on the type of address used and blockchains involved. Make a record of exactly what you’ve done and then contact us.

Pending / Unconfirmed / Stuck Transactions

This can happen during extended periods of high blockchain activity or insufficient gas / mining fees to pay for the transaction. You can check the live blockchain status here: https://recovermycryptowallet.com/mempool-blockchain-transactions-awaiting-processing/
Another reason for pending, delayed or stuck transactions is that you’ve specified an incorrect address or have tried to send / receive from a different blockchain.

Crypto Wallets Recovered
Different Cryptocurrencies
Recovered Value (USD)

Contact Us

We aim to respond to all enquiries the same day.

Please try and supply as much information as possible, typically the wallet type and coin type, the last time you were able to access your wallet, the number of coins and value of the wallet, what happened etc.
If you just type something like “I lost access to my crypto” we will not respond to you.

Please note: Some email servers are currently filtering emails containing the word ‘crypto’ so the preferred way of contacting us is by WhatsApp.

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