Chainlink recoveredI’ve recently recovered Chainlink (LINK), Bancor (BNT) and Ethereum (ETH) for a UK client who had lost access to them from his Trezor wallet that was linked to his Exodus account.

After a firmware upgrade he was unable to link his wallet to Exodus and so reinitialised his Trezor and entered his saved seeds. However the seed words were reported as wrong and access to the client’s wallet was lost.

Fortunately my client was able to locate a wallet address from his inaccessible wallet and I was able to use this information along with his incorrectly recorded seed words to identify the correct seed words and thus restore access to his wallet. He was then able to relink his account to Exodus and access his crypto again.

Do you have a similar problem ?

I can recover your crypto. I charge nothing upfront and you will only pay me if I am successful in recovering your crypto.