Metamask vault data recoveryImportant Note: If you lose access to your Metamask account by deleting your old wallet or installing a new one, recovering your old wallet data and contents depends greatly on the platform you are using Metamask on.

Using Metamask on a PC or Mac

Successful wallet recovery chances: Good
If you are using Metamask with a browser extension on a PC or Mac then there’s a good chance we can successfully recover your data. On this platform your old wallet data is retained even if you delete your old wallet and install multiple new wallets. You will need to remember the password from you old wallet file, but if you can’t remember it exactly but have a good idea of what it was this should be ok because we should be able to crack it.

Using Metamask on an Apple iPhone (iOS)

Successful wallet recovery chances: Average
Currently the iPhone only saves details of the last wallet in its vault data. So if you’ve not installed a new wallet over the top then we will be able to recover the wallet and contents for you. If you’ve installed a new wallet over the top then unfortunately your old wallet is not recoverable.

Using Metamask on an Android phone

Successful wallet recovery chances: Very Low
There is no current (Spring 2022) technique of recovering the necessary Metamask wallet data from an Android device

Example Recoveries of Metamask Wallets >>>

Here are two examples where we successfully recovered lost Metamask wallets – there are many more examples on the site, just look through the blog posts….

Example Metamask Vault file