Binance smart chain walletWe received a call from a customer who had deposited 68 BNB into his Binance Chain Wallet a year ago and in the meantime lost access to it. The current value (April 2022) of the cryptocurrency in his wallet was approximately $28,600.

The client had installed the Binance Chain Wallet via the Chrome browser extension on his PC. Inspecting the vault information showed that fortunately the wallet data was still preserved. This meant that theoretically, the wallet and contents should be recoverable.

The specific vault data pertaining to the client’s wallet was extracted from the Binance Chrome extension and the private key seed words extracted. The wallet was recreated and the funds recovered.

If you’ve lost access to funds in a Binance Chain Wallet please contact us, we should be able to recover it for you.

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Binance wallet vault data

Above: Binance wallet vault data extracted from the client’s PC