scam chat

Above: The scammer taunts the victim

Here’s a cautionary tale for anyone who uses or is considering using crypto investment / brokering company…

First of all, nobody should use a ‘crypto investment company’ to buy crypto. This isn’t the same as stocks and shares. You don’t need a broker or investment company to hold your hand. To buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies you create an account on an exchange and you buy the crypto directly from them yourself. This is easy. You don’t need a broker to do this. Reputable exchanges include

All the crypto brokers I’ve come across have been scammers, with a fancy web site that fools you into believing they can get you the best deals on crypto. They can’t and they won’t. They will scam you. You will lose everything you send to them. No one needs to use a broker. You will get the best deals on an exchange where you buy the crypto yourself.

A real life crypto broker scam example…

This unfortunate person came to me after being scammed out of 4.16 Bitcoin by 3 separate scammers.
Unfortunately as all the transactions had been confirmed on the blockchain there is nothing that I or anyone can do to get his Bitcoin back. The web sites now look to have been closed down but they’ll probably put up again with different URLs at some point.

The First Scam

Scam Company: Zion Finance
Name: Dave Donski
The victim of the scam writes: “hello sir, on 13.3.2022 i invested 4 btc in 155982 usd
And the next day I found out that we were freezing the bill
so i wrote to the agent
Dave Donski –
and he does not respond to messages”

The Second Scam

The victim of the scam writes: “then I was looking if anyone could get my bitcoin back
when I first came across
and he told me to chat on the web that he will help me but he needs money upfront for software 0.05 btc in 2000 usd and when he received the money so he told me that the software does not exist and thanked me for the money and block me chat and stop communicating”

The Third Scam

The victim of the scam writes: “then I contacted another recover company I found:
and he said again that he needed money in advance 0.11 btc about 4730 usd and after receiving the payment
quit the site and not respond to messages, so another deceived me”

Zion Finance scam web site

Above: The Zion Finance website – these are scammers masquerading as crypto brokers.

Grant Beyond scam web site

Above: The Grant Beyond website – these are scammers masquerading as crypto brokers.