is a scam site

We were contacted yesterday by a customer with 79,833 Dogecoin (Jan 2022 value roughly £10,000) who had bought the coins years ago, forgotten about them and then came across his wallet. The wallet he used was no longer supported and he did not know how to proceed in order to access his coins. Fortunately he still had his seed words.

Googling the problem had unfortunately sent him to a scam site ( where he was asked to enter all 12 of his seed words in order to receive information about how to retrieve and access his Doge. The information he received after entering his seed phrase was of course useless, and a few minutes later he received an email notifying him of a transaction where all his Dogecoin had been withdrawn from his wallet. The customer had been scammed out of all his Doge and unfortunately the transaction was irreversible.

Please read this – it’s important: There is a common misconception that as long as you still have your wallet file, no one will be able to access you funds if they only have your seed phrase. This is not the case. The reason the seed phrase exists is so you can recreate your wallet if your wallet becomes inaccessible or you lose it. The only information a scammer needs to steal your coins is your seed phrase, they do NOT need your wallet file as well. This does not just apply to Doge, it applies to all modern wallets. Keep your seed words safe and never enter them into a website just because it looks legitimate.

Here’s how the site appears in a search engine, even the description is the same:

doughwallet scam site