Trezor passphrase recoveryTowards the back end of 2021 Trezor rolled out their hardware wallets (the Trezor One and Trezor Model T) with the Passphrase feature (sometimes referred to as the ’25th seed word’) automatically enabled. The passphrase feature enables an additional layer of security on top of the seed words and is requested by the Trezor each time access to the wallet is requested. If your seed words were to be stolen and your wallet recreated, the contents will still be secure as the thief will also need your passphrase.

Trezor Passphrase Creation

The passphrase is created once the Trezor is initially set up and the 12 or 24 seed words are generated. Unlike the seed words which are created by the Trezor, the passphrase is simple string of characters (eg. ‘Secret123’ etc) and is chosen by you. What we have found is that new users of Trezor wallets are setting up wallets and writing down seed phrases but are then confused by the request for a passphrase which you don’t make a note of. The next time you use your wallet, the Trezor prompts you for a passphrase which you either don’t remember or you don’t think you enabled. The result is the same, the Trezor will take you to an empty wallet instead of the one where your funds are stored.

Recovery of Trezor Passphrase

Is it possible to recover cryptocurrency from a Trezor with a lost passphrase ?
Fortunately the answer is YES. To locate your funds it’s not necessary for you to send the Trezor to us. All we will require is
1. The seed words
2. One of the wallet addresses

We will recover your cryptocurrency under non-disclosure which guarantees your funds remain secure