Forgotten passphraseDoes the following scenario sound familiar? – You’ve stored your precious crypto on a wallet and for safety have enabled the passphrase feature. Now when you access the wallet it appears to be empty.

The passphrase feature (also referred to as the ’25th word’ or ‘plausible deniability passphrase’) is an additional layer of protection that can be applied to crypto wallets in order to keep stored crypto safe.

Many people feel that without the passphrase feature their crypto is vulnerable to being stolen as theoretically, all a hacker will need to do is correctly guess the 12 or 24 seed words. This is correct, but what the people who fear this type of attack don’t appreciate is the mathematical improbability of such an attack working, so for peace of mind, they enable the additional passphrase feature.

Fast forward some months or even years, the person accesses their wallet and discovers it’s empty. They immediately fear their crypto has been stolen. 99% of the time this is NOT the case. Instead, the passphrase has been mistyped, confused with another word or forgotten.

It’s easy to confirm whether you’ve been hacked or not…
All you need to do is go into the wallet and check the transaction history. If there’s no transaction history you’re in a different wallet – you’ve not been hacked, you’ve just got your passphrase wrong. If there is a transaction history then someone else knows your passphrase.

How to Recover your Crypto when the Passphrase is Wrong

We can do this for you. The more you can remember about the passphrase the better as it will help us narrow down the possibilities considerably. We’ll also need one of the wallet addresses and the seed words. Discovering the correct passphrase can take anything from minutes to months depending on its complexity, and the work can be done confidentially under non disclosure. Please get it touch. Most of the time there are no upfront fees and you only pay on success.

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