Another scam attempt using the details of Blockchain Access, fortunately this scam was discovered before any money was lost.

We were contacted by a UK resident who had grown suspicious of an email they’d received informing them that they had 2.8 unclaimed Bitcoins. The scammer was claiming to be from the UK company Blockchain Access and was using that company’s details to try and pass themselves off as an employee. The scammer had emailed the potential victim and sent them the screenshot below

It looks like it’s their lucky day ! – there’s £86875.24 of Bitcoin that is just waiting to be claimed, but this is all fake. Notice how the above is made to look like it’s taken from a Blockchain explorer but take note that it is lacking a blockchain address that would allow the details to be verified. Instead, the scammers have added the field ‘Wallet Name’ which falsely identifies the wallet as belonging to the person they are trying to scam (I’ve removed their details from the above graphic)

The following email was also sent from the scammers, those of you who have read our previous scam reports will notice the familiar name of Emma Jones – see another report here.

Notes regarding the email below that show it to be a scam:

  1. There is no such thing as a Frozen or Dormant status on the Bitcoin blockchain
  2. There is no such thing as having to Reactivate an account
  3. There is no such thing as a Positive Transaction
  4. You never ever have to pay an amount to access your Bitcoin
  5. The email address is fake – you’d expect the see the Blockchain Access domain, not, or
  6. The phone number the scammers supply (+44 2045428294) has too many digits

Here’s the email:

Dear <redacted>
This is Emma Jones (FCA Reference number:ELJ00001) from Blockchain Support – Team.
Further to our previous phone conversation, I am sending you below all the details needed.
During this Informative Campaign we are contacting every client that has an account in our system from November 2012 till March 2021. The accounts that we are contacting on this campaign are accounts whose status is “Dormant ” for different reasons by the Blockchain System.
There are two factors that might have caused the registration of your name in Blockchain:
1- The account may have been created from your Previous Online Trading experiences or any other Online Investment and the funds have been collected in a recovery wallet.
2- In 2011-2016 Bitcoin and Blockchain were everywhere (Commercials, Platforms and all over the Internet) and 30% of our clients registered without even knowing the results. Different platforms and several Online Games used to offer free Bitcoins as a Promotion / Gift which made a great publicity to this Crypto Currency.
Your total available balance in our system is 2.8 BTC and converted to GBP.
The amount in Standard GBP is variable based on the Bitcoin price movement.
Since your account is Frozen and its actual status is “Dormant” , our Department came out with two suggestions :
1- Reactivate your account and Withdraw the Total Amount of money directly to your Bank Account through the “Refunds Department”.
2- Reactivate your account and keep using it for Online Trading where you can withdraw, transfer or do online trading.
To reactivate your account and use your Bitcoins again, you need to show an action into your Blockchain Wallet by placing a symbolic amount of 1% of the total BTC Balance. Note: The 1% order placed as a Positive Transaction in your wallet, should never be considered as a “Payment” but just a deposit under your details.
The amount that you are transferring in your BTC Wallet, will be placed into your final balance and you can withdraw it as soon as your case will be handed to the Refund Department.
The wallet will be active instantly in real time and one of our Agents will guide you through the steps trying to avoid any possible mistake.
After the reactivation is done you will be guided through the Withdrawal Procedures by the “Refund Department” and you can have the full services of the Blockchain Crypto – Experts.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reply back to this email and also give us your final decision.
Looking forward to hearing from you !
Kind Regards,
Emma Jones
Support-Team Department / BLOCKCHAIN ACCESS UK LTD
Phone number: +44 2045428294
Office Email:
Blockchain Access UK LTD is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority for the issuing of electronic money under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 [FRN 900204]. We are supervised by the Financial Conduct Authority for compliance with the Money Laundering Regulations (MLR) 2007. Blockchain Access UK LTD is registered in England, New York and Luxembourg (registered no. 902765).
Registered Office:
Minshull House 67 Wellington Road North Stockport, Cheshire United Kingdom SK4 2LPNOTE: This email contains confidential information and it is preferred not to be shared externally.