Bitcoin wallet with lost passphrase recoveredWe’ve just recovered an undisclosed amount of Bitcoin from a wallet where the owner couldn’t remember their wallet passphrase. The amount of Bitcoin recovered is ‘undisclosed’ because that was a condition of the agreement between ourselves and the owner of the Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin were held in a wallet with a 24 word seed and a passphrase. The seed words were correct but the owner was having trouble getting the passphrase right. This is usually because passphrases tend to be cryptic rather than straightforward, and this is where the problem is: a cryptic passphrase is chosen, then 6 months later the person who chose it can’t remember it correctly. For example, take the word ‘hotel’ as the passphrase, it can easily become Hotel, or h0tel, or hotel%, or hHot3l etc… So, it’s no surprise that people forget their passphrase, and far more people lose their crypto because of incorrect passphrases than have it stolen.

If you’ve got a Bitcoin wallet and have forgotten the passphrase we should be able to recover the passphrase and the Bitcoin for you. We will need your wallet address so we can verify it on the blockchain, your 12 or 24 seed words and (ideally) your xpub (extended public key but this isn’t essential). For your security, safety and peace of mind, our work is done under contract so all the Bitcoin remain yours.

Learn more about wallet passphrases here: