The MultiBit wallet was one of the first ever Bitcoin wallets and was launched in 2011. There were two versions, the original MultiBit Classic wallet and it’s successor the MultiBit HD wallet. Both wallets were popular amongst early Bitcoin users and the development of both wallets was discontinued in 2017.

We were recently contacted by a client who had Bitcoin stored on a MultiBit Classic wallet in the form of a wallet.dat file. The MultiBit Classic wallet pre-dated seed words so the only way to recover the Bitcoin was to successfully crack the wallet password.

Once we’d cracked the password, the wallet.dat file was imported into MultiBit Classic, the private keys exported into a compatible Electrum wallet and returned to the client.

Multibit wallet user interfaceAbove: Screenshot of the MultiBit user interface. RecoverMyCryptoWallet are able to recover Bitcoin from both MultiBit Classic and MultiBit HD wallets