We were recently contacted by a client from Uruguay who had lost his crypto wallet. Fortunately he had saved his seed words but when he tried to re-enter them to recreate his wallet his App informed him that his mnemonic was invalid. On the Assure Wallet this error is displayed as “Wrong mnemonic words order”. On other wallets the error message may be slightly different, but it’s the same error.

invalid mnemonic - wrong seed words on crypto walletThe client shared his seed words with us. 3 of the words he’d spelt incorrectly. These were corrected but still the problem persisted. The client was able to to share his wallet address with us too.

Using the wallet address and the seed words he’d told us we were able to identify that 2 of the seed words he’d written down were completely wrong and the seed word order was wrong too. Once we’d identified the correct seed words and put them in the correct order the client was able to recreate his original wallet and access his tokens again.

Do you have a similar problem? Have you lost or written down your seed words incorrectly? Is your seed mnemonic invalid? If you also have your wallet address we should be able to recover the correct seeds and put them in the correct order so long as your list isn’t too inaccurate.