bitcoinToday I’ve recovered 3 Bitcoin (BTC) from an old MultiBit wallet for a UK client. At the time of writing this blog post, 1 BTC = $30,220, so the value of the recovery is in excess of $90,000 (slightly over £70,000).

MultiBit wallets were popular in the early days of Bitcoin but the people responsible for MultiBit closed the project down in 2019. Hence there are a few people in the world with their Bitcoins still in one of these wallets who are unable to get at them.

It’s often not possible and certainly not advisable for people with old MultiBit wallets to load the application and send their Bitcoins to a new wallet because MultiBit does not support Segwit addressing or variable transaction fees. Hence the BTC can easily become stuck on the blockchain, or worse become forever lost.

If you have a MultiBit wallet containing Bitcoin that you would like to recover please contact me. There are no upfront fees and you only pay if I successfully recover your Bitcoin.