The proliferation of different cryptocurrencies and blockchains mean you need to pay careful attention when you are transferring coins, particularly when you’re sending to a new address or need to provide additional information like the TAG details when moving XRP (Ripple). The TAG details relate to the destination of the XRP transaction and is also referred to as ‘XRP Destination Tag’ or ‘Destination Tag’ or ‘XRP Withdrawals Tag’ depending on the platform you are using.

If you’ve sent XRP without the required TAG information the transaction will process when you click send but the coins will not appear until the exchange is able to verify the sender of the XRP.

Similarly if you’ve sent XRP with the wrong TAG information the transaction will go through but not be credited until the exchange can verify the owner of the transaction.

In both cases your XRP should be safe but you will need to contact the exchange with the TXID and other related details such as the time, date, amount, plus sending and receiving addresses. Once you’ve provided the details the exchange should be able to complete the transaction for you.