Phantom is a popular browser extension and software wallet available to users of the Solana network.

The Phantom wallet is similar to MetaMask and allows users to make direct Swaps within the software. This avoids the risk of being connected to a scam website, or paying gas fees to move funds from the wallet to an exchange.

As of December 2021, Phantom may launch its own token, and airdrop some of the supply to early adopters. This is speculation at best and the developer has not yet commented on it.

The wallet has an NFT tracking function and users can transact with NFT marketplaces.

Phantom wallet users can also stake Solana (SOL) tokens without having to transfer the tokens themselves. This is similar to other wallets. Phantom recently announced a partnership with MoonPay that will enable users to use credit cards and fiat currency to purchase tokens within the Solana ecosystem.

Additionally, the project is developing smartphone apps that will give users direct access to Solana’s network from their smart phones.