Vechain logoToday we completed a recovery of 275,000 VeChain (VET) and 400,000 VeThor (VTHO) tokens for a client in France. The client was no longer able to access their wallet and had only written down 9 of the 12 seed words necessary for the wallet’s restoration. The English / French language barrier was not a problem and the whole communication process was conducted in French.

The VeChain Thor wallet is based on the Ethereum wallet but it uses a different derivation path of m/44’/818’/0’/0. As the wallet was BIP39 compatible each missing word would be 1 out of a possible 2048 English words. As there were 3 missing words in the 12 word seed this meant that there were 2048^3 (8,589,934,592) different seed combinations. It took approximately 21 hours to find 3 missing seed words and regain access to the client’s wallet.

Have you lost some of your seed words and are now unable to access your crypto wallet? Please contact us for assistance.