ios metamask vault fileWe’ve just recovered a lost wallet from an iPhone running Metamask where the customer had deleted their wallet. Inside the wallet were a set of 5 NFTs from a well known crypto artist. In deleted wallet situations like this it’s necessary to extract the Metamask vault data from the iPhone. On an iPhone is far from straightforward and is quite poorly and confusingly explained on the Metamask site at It’s not necessary to jailbreak the phone to do it.

If you’re in a similar situation and need to recover data from a Metamask wallet that you’ve deleted, then as long as you’re using a desktop machine (eg. Windows or Apple desktop or laptop) or an iPhone then it’s usually possible for us to decipher and recover the wallet data intact. As of Feb 2022 there are no current recovery options for Metamask on an Android device.

Please contact us for further details.