Here’s what a typical lost passphrase on a Trezor wallet looks like. Please note, the client contacted us in Spanish, so I’ve translated his words below into English.

If you’re experiencing these symptoms with your wallet it’s highly probable that you had been using a passphrase which you’ve since forgotten.

Enabling a passphrase on a Trezor walletClient: I want to consult with you about the “loss” of some BTC from my Wallet Trezor One.
I tell you what happened.
On July 30, I bought a Trezor One hardware wallet that complied with all security standards on its packaging. I connected it to my Mac and followed all the steps indicated by the official Trezor platform, the Trezor suite. Complete the configuration of it with the seed phrase that appears in the wallet and generate a PIN for it. The whole process was correct and on my computer screen it appears ready to use. I proceed to enter BTC from the RECEIVE option. Immediately the address to which to send the BTC appears, I copy it and paste it in my NEXO Wallet, from where I want to send the BTC. I confirm the shipment and after a few minutes the transfer appears approved both in NEXO and in my Wallet Trezor. All right. I close the Trezor Suite application, remove the Wallet from the computer and that’s it.
After about a month I want to use the Wallet again to make a new transfer. To my surprise, when I connect the Wallet to the Trezor Suite, a 0 balance appears in my account and no history of previous operations appears in the history of my wallet.
After many consultations with Trezor’s technical support, finally they can’t give me any answer about what could have happened.
Could you tell me if there is a possibility of recovering the BTC lost in that transaction?

Recover My Crypto Wallet: The most likely explanation is that you created a passphrase for your wallet which you have since forgotten. Unless you can remember your passphrase you will be unable to access your BTC.

Client: I don’t recall using a passphrase when I generated my wallet. Anyway, since as Trezor support informed me, this could have happened inadvertently by me, I tried several phrases without success.
I can still see my BTC on the blockchain, no movement.
The amount of BTC transferred was 0.415 and it is the existing amount in the address to which you send them.