Since its inception, has created over 50 million crypto wallets. Lose your password and you’ll discover they won’t help you to recover it. There are however a few things you can try yourself and this guide will point you in the right direction.

Here’s One Method To Try…

If you can remember the email address you used when you created your wallet, email using the link below and they’ll send you all the wallets that were created using that email address.

Once you have your wallet you’ll be able to access it with your password but what if you can’t remember your password ?There are many other ways to retrieve the coins from your encrypted wallet if you forget the password.

Step 2. You can use btcrecover to get into the wallets. Download it from

Btcrecover is not GUI and you will need to install several Python libraries and become familiar with the command prompt in order to accomplish this. There’s a YouTube video for this here:

You’ll need to understand btcrecover and various command line options – there are some further useful videos on the above channel.

Another Way…

It is possible to import a wallet.aes.json backup into a new account if you do not know the wallet ID. You can do this by clicking the following link

What if you have added a second password to your wallet?

If you have a GPU (an NVIDIA/AMD video card), which can try thousands of passwords per second, it would be possible to brute force your password.

You can also use software such as hashcat to crack passwords for you, but you’ll need a good GPU card. Hashcat can be downloaded here:

You can use several different word lists if you’re unable to find a password. These word lists can range from 10-30 GB in size so make sure you have enough space on your hard drive and bandwidth on your internet connection. You can download many different word lists here:

Sounds too difficult ?

If all this sounds too much, you can contact us and we’ll recover your wallet from and for a small fee.