Polygon MATIC tokenWe’ve just recovered over 21,000 Polygon (MATIC) tokens that a client had mistakenly sent to the ‘wrong’ address (or more correctly, an incompatible address).

The Polygon tokens were held on the Cronos blockchain and the client had attempted to send them to his Ledger Nano hardware wallet via the Ethereum network. As the two blockchains are not compatible the transaction had failed to complete and become stuck.

Fortunately we were able to reverse this and the Polygon tokens were successfully recovered back to the client’s Cronos wallet.

Sending tokens to incompatible addresses via incompatible blockchains is a very common occurrence. Sometimes transactions are reversible, other times they aren’t and tokens are lost.

Please get in touch if you require help recovering crypto that has been sent to the wrong address &/or across an incompatible blockchain.